Senwai / Sevai (सेंवई ) Meaning In English

Senwai / Sevai Meaning In English : Senwai / Sevai is a sweet dish which is made of flour. It is Also known as Senwaiyaan. English meaning of Senwaiyaan is as :

Senwai : Vermicelli

Sevai : Vermicelli

सेंवई  : Vermicelli

Senwai / Sevai : Name of Indian sweet breakfast, made of fine flour.

Explanation : Two type of vermicelli found in market, one is Italian and another is Asian, Italian vermicelli is made of flour and egg whereas Asian is made of Flour and salt only. There is a slight difference in thickness of each type vermicelli.

Example : Vermicelli Kheer is main recipe on the occasion of Eid.

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