Aam Meaning (आम) in English

Aam Meaning in English: Aam is a hindi word that has many meanings as mango, unprivileged, ordinary. Aam refers to an ordinary man when it’s not about fruit.

Aam: Mango

Aam: Ordinary

Aam: Unprivileged

Explain: Mainly Aam word is used for king of Fruits mango but it also means Ordinary or unprivileged. There is also a Political party name as Aam Aadmi Party but there is nothing Aam like Aam there :v .

When it’s about fruit Aam then aam means Mango and it used as Mango is king of fruit and people love it.

When it’s about common man then aam means Ordinary or Unprivileged and it used as ravi is an ordinary man and no-one listen to him in government offices.

So there are two kinds of Aam used in Hindi language and it depends on situation which one is fit in that situation so choose your words wisely.

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