Akhand (अखंड) Meaning | Akhandta in English

Akhand Meaning: Akhand is a hindi word that means The one who can not be divided into pieces, which is never fragmented, is said to be unbroken.

In English Akhand means Unbroken but Akhandta means Integrity / oneness. Here are the meaning of Akhand and Akhandta.

Akhand: Unbroken

Akhand: Monolithic

Akhandta: Integrity

Akhandta: United

Explain: Akhand word is used for a thing that’s never broken and remain in one piece. Akhandta is used for whole thing like a nation.

Example: Akhand Bharat ka sapna hamare dil me hain = The Dream of United india is in our heart, Bharat me 4 oct ko akhandta diwas manaya jata hai

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