Rishtey / Ristay / Rishta (रिश्ता) Meaning in English

Rishtey / Ristay / Rishta Meaning in English: Rishtey and rishta is a hindi word that means relations and relation. Rishtey is used when a person has so many relations like family relations. Rishteydaar word also derived from the word Rishtey. Rishtey: Relations Rishta: Relation Rishta: Propinquity Rishtedaar: Relatives Explain: Relative word derived from the […]

Andhera / Andheron (अँधेरा) Meaning In English

Andhera / Andheron (अँधेरा) Meaning In English : andhera is a hindi word that means darkness or dark in english. Here is the detailed meaning of word Andhera: Andhera: Dark Andhera : Darkness Explain: Andhera hona or Andhera or andheron has the same meaning dark or darkness in english. you can use the both word […]

Akhand (अखंड) Meaning | Akhandta in English

Akhand Meaning: Akhand is a hindi word that means The one who can not be divided into pieces, which is never fragmented, is said to be unbroken. In English Akhand means Unbroken but Akhandta means Integrity / oneness. Here are the meaning of Akhand and Akhandta. Akhand: Unbroken Akhand: Monolithic Akhandta: Integrity Akhandta: United Explain: […]

Chutiya Meaning | Chootiya / Chootiye

Chutiya is a hindi word most commonly used in india. In every language like marathi, bengali, hindi, marwari, bihari people use this word. In english it means a Fool but practically people get offended by this word. Full Detail of word chutiya Meaning Here: Chutiya – A fool Chutiya – Idiot Chutiya – Asshole Chutiye – This […]