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Here is the full explanation what jallikattu means. Read Full article to understand what jallikattu stands for and why people are protesting for it.
=>> The entrance from which the bull enters is known as vaadivaasal .. near that entrance there will be government staffs making reports like the bull weren’t drugged or being hurted to make them run(from 2009 after so much restrictions)

Even players will be checked whether they have consumed alcohol or drugs they will be banned… No bulls should be hurt even if they have a single scar in their body players will be disqualified as they will be titled as cowards for hurting bulls..

once the bull enters the vaadivaasal players should try to hold their hump and travel upto 50m or so there will be a deadline … If any player who successfully complete that deadline he will be winner… If the bull escapes and complete the deadline it will be named as temple bull and will be used for breeding. It will be free breeding

Temple will take care of that bull and farmers equally share money to help the temple
Coz if u have a bull and if any1 wants to breed u will ask some money for that … Every farmers can’t spend money for mating each time .

 So jallikattu is being played to select a bull for a certain region for mating

Coming to PETA :

They have listed all our native breed bulls as wild animals … Even every part of India has this kind of sports for our native breeds.
They created fake videos which was taken before 2009 and shown to sc like it was taken in 2012.

They will put a case by old evidences and collect funds from corporates by advertising that they are gonna save animals from cruelty like that
Make funds by saying we need donation to run this case against these barbarians. They will show these evidences and videos

They don’t have any contact with our indian activists who really fight for farmers and animals they will brainwash high class people who can spend money on them .. they will attract cine field actresses and actors who only knows to play with dogs and call themselves animal lovers.

Source: Explained By A Tamil Guy

Updated: January 23, 2017 — 1:20 am

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