Nindaraan Diyaan Meaning | Punjabi Word

Nindaraan Diyaan Meaning | Punjabi Word: Nindaraan Diyaan is a Punjabi word that means Neend dena in hindi and give you sleep in English. In a literal manner or sense, it means Giving Peace. There is also a Bollywood song named Niddran Diyan Tainu that means I give my peace to you.

Nindaraan Diyaan: neend dena

Nindaraan Diyaan: give you sleep aka giving you my peace

Explain: Nindaraan Diyaan is used when someone is too dedicated for someone that means he / she even ready to give his/her peace to other person.

Mundiyan Meaning | Mundian Punjabi Word

Mundiyan Meaning | Mundian Punjabi Word: Mundiyan is a punjabi word that means Boys In Hindi it means ladke. this word is used for more than 1 Boy.

Mundiyan: Boys (In English)

Mundiyan: Ladke

Mundian: Ladke (Boys)

Explain: When this word used for a single boy then it used as Munda. Opposite of word mundian / Mundiyan / Munda is Kudi that means Girl. Word “Mundeyan ton bach ke rahi” means “Beware of Boys” or “stay Away From Boys”.

A Bollywood Song also used this word in “Mundiyan Song from Movie Baaghi 2 Where Tiger Shroff, Disha Patani is in lead role.

Chutiya Meaning | Chootiya / Chootiye

Chutiya is a hindi word most commonly used in india. In every language like marathi, bengali, hindi, marwari, bihari people use this word. In english it means a Fool but practically people get offended by this word. Full Detail of word chutiya Meaning Here:

Chutiya – A fool

Chutiya – Idiot

Chutiya – Asshole

Chutiye – This is a common reference to many fools.

Chaman Chutiya – This Is a higher level of foolishness or idiotic person.


Upendra Is not a funny guy he is just a chutiya.

Raghu- Bus conductor charged me 500 rs for a distance of 5km.
Ravi – he charged because you are a chutiya.

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