Meaning Of Sasta In English

Sasta    =    Cheap (Adv)

Sastapan =Cheapen (Verb)

Example :A cheaper  Hairdresser in Delhi  Mole

Example :Cheapen  the cost of  Deepawali in festivals many Item



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Meaning Of Sthiti In English

Sthiti : Status, Position, Condition, Situation , State, Location

Example : Status – What is current status of Saabarmati express?

Example : Condition – The financial condition of Sunita devi is not so good.

Example : Situation-  The Main Reason behind the Situation of  Gaza is conflict between Hamas & Israel.

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Meaning Of kapra In English

Kapra  =  Clothe (Verb)

Kapra   =Clothes  (Noun)


Example  :  They Were  Clothed From Head to Foot in  White.

Example    :A Landscape  Clothed  in  mist

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Meaning of Nirdosh in English

Nirdosh :  Blameless, Innocent, Clear

Nirdosh Thahrana : Vindicate, Acquit

Nirdosh Siddh Karna : Exculpate

Example :  Innocent – Shayma Proves herself innocent in theft case.

Example : Vindicate – The High Court vindicated sheela dixit in scam case.

Example : Exculpate – Government asks special court not to exculpate leader.

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Meaning Of Labh / Labhdayak In English

 Labh           =   Gain (Noun)

Labhdayak  =Gainful

 Labh =Gain  (Verb)

Example =Gain by/from (doing)

Example =  One Man’  Loss  Is   Another   Man’s  Gain.


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Meaning Of Taga/Soot In English

Taga  =    Yarn (Noun)

Soot  =    Spin a Yarn

Example :    Thread Spun From Fibers

Example:     To relate Story (To  Spin  a Yarn)


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Meaning of Anubhav / Anubhuti In English

Anubhav : Experience, Feeling

Anubhuti : Realization 

Anubhav karna : To Feel, To experience, To sense, Get a Light

Anubhuti Hona : To realize

Example : Experience – How was your experience with your last job.

Example : Feel –  How are you feel now.

Example : Realization –  I have realized my fault.

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