Meaning of Vyast in English

Vyast : Busy

Vyast Hona : Snow someone under with something, Be taken up with something, or Engage with something.

Example : Busy – Party members are busy in selecting the candidates for upcoming election.

Example : All the lines dial by you, are busy kindly try after some time.

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Meaning Of Vetan In English

Vetan  = Salary

Vetan  = Pay


Example  :  One Who person  Work  for Remuneration

Example :   Work for job


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Meaning Of Vishvshnia In English

Vishvshnia   =   Bona Fide

Vishvshnia  =    Trustworthy

Vishvshnia  =     Genuine

Vishvshnia  =     Reliable

Example :     Laxman was reliable his Brother Ram

Example :      Student is Vishvshnia For Teacher Direction.

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Meaning of Charcha in English

Charcha = Discussion, Talk , Spotlight, Mention

Charcha Karna : Discuss
Charcha Chalana :  Initiate
Example : Discussion – I am looking forward to discuss this issue with my friends.
Example : Talk – In Office hours, you should talk less and work more.
Example : Spotlight – Rashi is in spotlight, nowadays, due to his work.
Example : Mention – We should mention this issue in our monthly report , so that AGM can go through it.
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Meaning of Bhumika in English

Bhumika = Role, Introduction

Example : Role – Science plays a crucial role in our lives.
Example : Introduction – An essay can be evaluated by its Introduction part.
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Meaning of Guhar in English

Guhar : Appeal, Plea, Serious or Urgent Request

Guhar Lagana : To appeal
Example : I Shall Appeal to high court for justice.
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Meaning Of Khur In English

Khur Meaning In English: Khur is hindi word that means Hoof and it’s a body part of animals. This is a very rarely used meaning.



Example: That horse killed a man by Hoofs.

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Meaning Of Ghushkhor In English


Ghushkhor=Pay Off

Ghush =Bribe

Ghushkhori =Bribes(noun)

Example: Illegale Reward Given to Public Servent

Example:Act Of Giving or Receiving Bribes

Example:Attempt to Bribe a Jury With  Offers of Money

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Meaning Of Bhrshtachar In English

Bhrashtachar = corruption

Bhrashtachar = Depravity

Bhrasht =Corrupt

Bhrasht = to Bribe

BhrashtMade Foul

Bhrashtachari = Corruptible

Example :Young People Whose Morals have been Corrupted

Example : To Make or Become Foul , Liable to corruption

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