Bewafa Meaning In English (बेवफा)

Bewafa Meaning In English: Bewafa is an Urdu word that means Viswasghati in hindi and Disloyal in english. There are some other meaning of word Bewafa Given Below. Bewafa: Faithless Bewafa: Disloyal Bewafa: Infidel Bewafa: cheater who has violated trust Bewafa: Sklent Bewafa: Perfidious Bewafa: betrayer Explain: There is not exactly one word that describes […]

Karna Meaning (करना)

karna meaning in english: karna is a hindi word that means do. whenever this word combines with some other word then a different word is used for actual meaning. karna:do karna:make example: tum Apna Kam karo = do your own job. tags: karna meaning in english,karna in english, karna ka english meaning

Meaning of Ashram In English

Meaning of Ashram In English: Ashram means Hemitage where people lives to do devotional worship directed to one supreme deity but it has many meaning if we take it accordingly. Ashram = Hermitage Example : The police raided on hermitage of aasaram. Tags: Ashram in english, meaning of ashram in english, english meaning of ashram, aashram […]

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