Chogada Meaning in English / Hindi

Chogada Meaning in English / Hindi : chogada is a gujrati word that means upper part of turban or safa or pagdi. rajasthani word Chiranga is exactly similar word of chogada.


The Word Chogada Means – “Your Lover”

Chogada: Upper part of turban / safa/ pagdi

Chogada Tara: Chogada tumhara

explain: There is a Bollywood movie named loveratri and a song named chogada tara in it. if you have some better explanation for this word you can correct it through comments section.

Shradhanjali (श्रद्धांजलि) Meaning

Shradhanjali Meaning: Shradhanjali is a hindi word that means tribute and its an act that is intended to show gratitude towards some legend or person. This word used to show some respect to a person who passed away.

Shradhanjali: Tribute

Shradhanjali: Homage

Explain: Ex Indian Prime Minister shri Atal Bihari Vajpai Passed away on 16 August 2018 and whole nation is paying “Tribute” to him.

Shradhanjali word is used to show some respect for a person who passed recently. In Hindi it is used as “Hum sab atal ji ko Shradhanjali arpit karte hain.

Apavitra (अपवित्र) Meaning

Apavitra Meaning: Apavitra is a hindi word that means the thing that is not holy. This word is Opposite of Pavitra that means holy.

Apavitra: Profane

Apavitra: Unholy

Apavitra: Impure

Apavitra: desecrated

Explain: This word is used when someone is impure because of some dirty thing. Apavitra is most common hindi word mostly used By Brahmans.

Example: Tum us Jungle me jane ke bad apavitra ho gaye ho : you became desecrated after visiting that forest.

Rishtey / Ristay / Rishta (रिश्ता) Meaning in English

Rishtey / Ristay / Rishta Meaning in English: Rishtey and rishta is a hindi word that means relations and relation. Rishtey is used when a person has so many relations like family relations. Rishteydaar word also derived from the word Rishtey.

Rishtey: Relations

Rishta: Relation

Rishta: Propinquity

Rishtedaar: Relatives

Explain: Relative word derived from the word rishta or rishtey. Both words used in same context because they have same origin.
Example: Rishtey me to hum tumhare baap lagte hain = In relation i’m your father

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Andhera / Andheron (अँधेरा) Meaning In English

Andhera / Andheron (अँधेरा) Meaning In English : andhera is a hindi word that means darkness or dark in english. Here is the detailed meaning of word Andhera:

Andhera: Dark

Andhera : Darkness

Explain: Andhera hona or Andhera or andheron has the same meaning dark or darkness in english. you can use the both word according to you.

example: Ganv me Andhera itna tha ki main khet nahi ja paya = due to darkness i didn’t go to my farm

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Akhand (अखंड) Meaning | Akhandta in English

Akhand Meaning: Akhand is a hindi word that means The one who can not be divided into pieces, which is never fragmented, is said to be unbroken.

In English Akhand means Unbroken but Akhandta means Integrity / oneness. Here are the meaning of Akhand and Akhandta.

Akhand: Unbroken

Akhand: Monolithic

Akhandta: Integrity

Akhandta: United

Explain: Akhand word is used for a thing that’s never broken and remain in one piece. Akhandta is used for whole thing like a nation.

Example: Akhand Bharat ka sapna hamare dil me hain = The Dream of United india is in our heart, Bharat me 4 oct ko akhandta diwas manaya jata hai

Sashaktikaran Meaning in English- Mahila Sashaktikaran Means

Sashaktikaran Meaning in English- Mahila Sashaktikaran Means: Sashaktikaran is a hindi word that means Empowerment and in india this word is mostly referred for women. women Empowerment (Mahila Sashaktikaran) is most widely used word among indian politicians.

Sashaktikaran: Empowerment

Mahila Sashaktikaran: Women Empowerment

Example: Desh me mahila Sashaktikaran ki bahut jarurat hai = Women Empowerment is most need this in country

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Sipahi (सिपाही) Meaning in English

Sipahi is a Hindi word that is used for a person who defend us. In different means its called as a peace officer.

Sipahi: Soldier

Sipahi: Constable

Example: Sipahi Bharti ke liye rajasthan me Internet band kar diya : Due to constable examination internet is banned in rajasthan

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Bewafa Meaning In English (बेवफा)

Bewafa Meaning In English: Bewafa is an Urdu word that means Viswasghati in hindi and Disloyal in english. There are some other meaning of word Bewafa Given Below.

Bewafa: Faithless

Bewafa: Disloyal

Bewafa: Infidel

Bewafa: cheater who has violated trust

Bewafa: Sklent

Bewafa: Perfidious

Bewafa: betrayer

Explain: There is not exactly one word that describes the meaning of this word but it means a person who breaks someone’s faith or trust. So Bewafa word is used for the person who broke the trust or faith.

Example: check the below given example where the sonam gupta is bewafa aka disloyal person.

bewafa meaning